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Revised Employers' NIC holiday As stated in the budget, from April 2014 employers will now get £2000 off their annual NIC bill.
Age-related allowances   From 2013/14, age-related allowances are being phased out, the aim is to remove the allowances for those born before the 6th April 1948, when the allowance for those born after the 5th April 1948 catches up;   The dates of birth will be fixed, so people will not move from the £10,500 allowance to the £10,600 allowance. …
HMRC Campaigns HMRC has been running a series of campaigns to target particular sectors in the economy;   In 2012 we've had campaigns on: Doctors and dentists Plumbers and electricians; Direct sellers; Late VAT returns (current); Direct sellers (current)   Proposed for 2013: CGT on property.   Have you, or are you looking at selling a property other than your…
RTI - Key features Each time you pay an employee, you report details "on or before" the payment to HMRC, using payroll software;   This is done with a Full Payment Submission (FPS);   This includes:   Employee details; Payment details; Deductions of IT and NIC's; Starter and leaver dates.   What about employees below the LEL? Still include them…
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